Who we are

The Voices of Reentry team is a small group of dedicated individuals who are largely volunteering their time in service of a shared mission to undo the harms of mass incarceration through storytelling and community engagement.

Nomi Sofer

Project director

Nomi is a writer and editor with a strong commitment to telling stories of overlooked people. She has over two decades’ experience developing content and managing complex communications projects and events. Her work includes profiles of returning citizens written under the federal Improved Reentry Education grant.

Elizabeth Hinton

Project scholar

Elizabeth Hinton is Professor of History, African American Studies and Law, Yale University. She is a leading scholar of the history of mass incarceration, and the author of the award-winning book, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America

Kim Yeasir

Project manager

Kim is executive director and co-founder of THRIVE Communities. She is a macro-practice social worker with an MSW from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. Kim leads with over ten years’ experience in organizational development—project management, relationship building, and program development. 

Christa Brown

Storytelling coach

Christa is the executive director and founder of the Free Soil Arts Collective, an organization dedicated to using the arts to empower the voices of underrepresented communities. She has led workshops with nonprofit organizations and produced documentary plays.

Chris Portal

Videographer and video editor

Chris’ award-winning work has been screened at the Boston International Women’s Day Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Independent Film Festival of Boston, West Chester Film Festival, and the Online New England Film Festival.

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